1967 Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan

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Mohs was an automobile make built by the Mohs Seaplane Corporation of Madison, Wisconsin (United States). Bruce Mohs, the company founder, built limited-production automobiles on chassis built to custom specifications by the International Harvester Company. Automobiles by Mohs were built between 1967 and 1979.

The Ostentatienne Opera Sedan had a weight of 5,740 lb (2,600 kg), and sat on a 119 in (3.02 m) wheelbase. Tires for the vehicle were nitrogen filled 20 inch. The Ostentatienne was powered by an International Harvester truck engine. Entry into the car was from the rear; solid steel side rails (designed to protect passengers during a crash) prevented doors along the vehicles sides. The Ostentatienne could be ordered customized to suit its buyer's wishes; Ming styled oriental rugs, refrigerators and sealed beam taillights were some of the options available. Production was reported to be three to four vehicles per year, only one was ever built.

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